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Crown Soul Yoga 

Healing the Mind, Body & Spirit

The Benefits of  Yoga

Yoga has many physical benefits, including encouraging relaxation, increasing flexibility and strength, lowering blood pressure and toning muscles. Yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning a "union of the body and mind." Yoga combines the physical postures or asanas, breathwork, and spiritual connection through meditation. Crown Soul Yoga Flow created by Founder Carmen Carriker combines movements of dance, core strengthening, stretch flexibility and a choreographed yoga sequence flow to tribal sounds and rhythms. Kemetic Yoga & Reiki Meditation connects to the African origin of the discipline with postures, prayers, chants used to raise vibrations in African traditions, heal and make deeper connections to the forces of nature, Earth, Air , Fire , Water, and Spirit.

The Right Class For You

Choose from a variety of classes occurring weekly online. These classes are taught by former  professional Alvin Ailey dancer Carmen M. Carriker certified in yoga, pilates mat, prenatal pilates, and Kukuwa African Fitness with a BFA in Dance and 25 years experience teaching dance and fitness. 

What To Expect During Classes

Enjoy private and group sessions hosted online in a safe environment for meditation. Classes for business and organizations can be scheduled via appointment. Retreats and outdoor events are planned for the spring and summer in NYC.

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What other yogees are saying

Classes offered at Crown Soul Yoga are excellent! I feel stronger, empowered and healed working with Carmen

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